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FATHER TIGER *Instagram* “Shell” Video Contest!

UPDATE 4/25/12 - This contest is no longer accepting new applicants.  The contestants have been chosen and will be receiving their packages shortly!  Thanks everyone!!

Hey FATHER TIGER Family!  

We are shooting a video for “Shell” and here is your chance to have your photos included in it!

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Email us your mailing address and instagram user name to: info@fathertiger.com
  2. We will then mail you a packet with a unique piece of artwork
  3. Take a minimum of 10 photos with the artwork on your iPhone or Android OS Phone.  The more creative the better! Take photos of the artwork around your home, in front of buildings, trees, with pets, with you in it and without you in it.  Play with proportions, scale and dimension.  Have fun with it.  Since “Shell” is about being yourself and expressing who you are, try to explore that theme with your photos.
  4. Upload your photos to instagram, give them any filter you think looks best (*important DO NOT use their frames), and then tag them with #FTShell by April 30th, 2012.
  5. When we see your 10+ photos on instagram uploaded by your user name, then your entry is complete.  If your image(s) are chosen, we will send you a Signed FATHER TIGER “EP 1” CD as our extra thanks to you!

Rules: By Tagging each image with #FTShell and uploading it to instagram, you consent to being over 18, that it’s your image, that you have the consent of any other individuals in the image and that you give us the perpetual rights to use the image in commercial photo and video material and to amend or alter it as needed.  Open to U.S. residents only. There is no guarantee that your images will be included in the video.   

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